Since 1993 in Dallas, Texas, the name “Bob’s” has been synonymous with a best-in-class steakhouse experience. Over the years, we have built upon the reputation we earned at our original Dallas location by opening restaurants across the nation that proudly offer the best cuts of meat available to guests, no matter where they call home.

While each Bob’s location has its own unique personality, they all strictly uphold the same exceptional dining and service standards. We treat each guest as a VIP at every location so you can dine with us in Dallas, Austin or Nashville and still feel like you are at your favorite Bob’s.

Bob’s Steak & Chop House specializes in serving big, flavorful steaks that are hand-selected from the top two percent of USDA prime beef along with Texas-sized portions of our award-winning sides. Our mouth-watering, legendary seafood and cuts of meat are absolutely delicious as we use homemade and local ingredients to enhance the flavor of our signature menu items.

No matter where you are dining with us, we are proud to offer our guests an experience worth remembering with a friendly staff, lively atmosphere, fine wines and large cuts of the finest prime steaks, chops, and seafood; making Bob’s the best steakhouse in any town.

Prime Steaks

For over 25 years, Bob’s Steak & Chop House locations have sourced our renowned meats from the Chicago-based Stock Yards Meat Packing Company. We are proud to serve guests hand-selected cuts from the top two percent of USDA prime or better beef, favoring Prime or Wagyu meats every time. Most cuts of meat are butchered in-house, and due to the high quality and marbling of our beef cuts, we only season with kosher salt and black pepper.

Given the original high quality grading of the meat we select, there’s no reason for us to rely on superfluous rubs or marinades to achieve the famous Bob’s flavor. Once seasoned, we broil the steaks on high-temperature Montague broilers, then afterward, our steaks have a mandatory 5-minute “rest” time to preserve their juicy, buttery flavor before they are finished with a hard sear on a flat top before serving.

Bob's Steak & Chop House - Grapevine, TX (Wine Cellar)

Fine Wines

Each Bob’s carries a large selection — usually 300 to 500 wines — beyond our core list of favorites. Our in-house wine buyers select wines from all over the world to satisfy local clientele and regulars at each of our locations. Because of this, there is not a corporate written list which allows each Bob’s to offer their own, unique wine inventories. Each Bob’s utilizes climate-controlled wine cellars and features Wine of the Month for our guests to try. While the industry standard for wine by the glass has gone from 6 ounces to down to 5 ounces, Bob’s pours 8 ounces.

The Drinks

Each Bob’s location is proud to partner with local liquor, beer, and wine producers to provide our guests with regional creations that make regulars feel right at home and help visitors get a taste of what they’re missing out. From craft beer in New York to bourbon in Louisville, vodka and tequila in our Texas restaurants and California’s vast wine selections, we support the local community and tastes in all markets. We pour our wine and spirits the same as you probably do at home; strong and generous pours, no matter the order. Across each location, we have classic specialty cocktails and seasonal creations available.

Our Bread

Across all Bob’s locations, the first thing to hit the table after you are seated is an entire hot loaf of bread. The bread is baked fresh from scratch right in our restaurants and served alongside chilled butter to allow for a warm, buttery treat before the rest of your meal and drinks arrive. With the perfect crunch and delectable soft crumb, the bread is essential to the entire Bob’s dining experience.

Our Pickles

The pickles you’ll find on the table at Bob’s Steak & Chop House are not table decoration but for eating and your enjoyment. Similar to the ‘giant carrot,’ the pickles are a proud part of the Sambol culinary legacy and family’s traditions. Known as ‘half-sour pickles,’ these pickles were a staple element of Bob’s childhood in the Northeast, where meals at home began with half-sour pickles on the dinner table. But don’t be fooled, these are not your typical dill pickle, as they maintain a recognizable cucumber freshness along with a slight salinity (also known as brine) of a pickle.

The Carrot

Our world-famous glazed ‘giant carrot’ tradition started over 25 years ago when Bob sought to disrupt the simplicity of the classic American steakhouse in a big, big way. By pairing each steak with a larger-than-life carrot lagniappe, guests have the opportunity to savor the unique flavors of a carrot in tandem with the mouth-watering taste of prime steak and a Texas-sized serving of your choice of potato; resulting in a delicious dish unlike any other. We’re proud to share with you an age-old Sambol family recipe featuring one of the simplest vegetables but most delicious garnish to top a prime steak.

Don’t knock it until you try it, and once you have, you’ll understand why these glazed carrots are actually worth writing home about.

Our Desserts

When you’re at Bob’s, be sure to always leave room for dessert. From our famous carrot cake to the Bob’s classic bread pudding, all of our desserts are house-made from scratch using only the freshest, richest ingredients. The sky-high, decadent brownie sundae is a house favorite with its peanut butter and chocolate brownie served alongside a scoop of triple chocolate and peanut butter ice cream and smothered in a rich, pecan-chocolate-butternut sauce. No matter what you choose, we highly encourage you to end your meal on a savory-sweet note with the perfect dessert.